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This is the story of owning and operating a 1993 Beech Bonanza A36 in the UK and some of its adventures and flights. I have owned this plane for nearly six years now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Oh no Beechcraft are getting some more of my money.

Multiflight at Leeds called today to say that at least one of my cylinders was beyond repair and they would suggest that for the extra money I replace them all. The price of the repair option was £4500 but the price of new was £5500 so I have gone along with that. The parts have been ordered but they are going to take 10-14 days to come.

After that we have to get the FAA to inspect and issue a export CofA and then the CAA to inspect and issue a CofA. By that time the plane will have been out of the air for at least 8 weeks. Its driving me mad.

Today I have had a check ride in the clubs TB10 so I can go flying again. I need to go to Turweston tomorrow. I have to say it was a nice little plane apart from the frenchness and the lack of speed but at least I can go flying.

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