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This is the story of owning and operating a 1993 Beech Bonanza A36 in the UK and some of its adventures and flights. I have owned this plane for nearly six years now.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


Norwich Trip

I managed a family trip to Norwich this weekend and the striking difference between the trip this year and two years ago was that the previous was marred by delays and worries over the weather. Last time it looked extremely likely that the glorious British summer weather would mean we would get stuck over in Norfolk but in the end we managed to make the return trip. That trip was in our Cessna 182

This year in our more IFR suitably equipped Beech Bonanza A36 we managed to leave in IMC conditions (the weather improved once south of Liverpool) and arrive in time for the 90th birthday party we were due at and also we managed to return today again in some decidely iffy weather. I also didnt spend all weekend worrying about getting stuck because clearly so long as the weather was reasonable we could make the journey home.

I have to say that I am finding the IMC rating seriously valuable for touring. An IR would be much nicer though.

Would like this to be my first 'real' trip once I complete my PPL (38 hours at mo). I fly from Blackpool, what rute would you reccomend (VFR) ??

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